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Queens Shinko Pear & Winter Citrus Cheong

Queens Shinko Pear & Winter Citrus Cheong

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Cheong 청 (or Ekgis 엑기스 or Won Aek 원액) were traditionally developed as a way to preserve peak season fruit and herbs for storage over extended periods of time at room temperature. Preserved with equal parts whole ingredient (juice, rind, peel, skin, leaves, stems, etc) and sugar until the mixture is reduced of most of its water content (typically 90 days of fermentation).

Their versatility spans applications in sweet and savory creations. Mix into salad dressings, marinades, cocktails, or with hot water for a quick tea. Drizzle over bread or yogurt, serve on a cheese plate, add dimension to something spicy like kimchi or a stew. Auder says top flan or french toast. That’s a pro tip.

About the fruit: we source our fall fruits--asian pears and persimmons--from K&J Orchards in Winters, CA who are well-known growers of the ripest, most luxuriously sweet stone fruit, pears, and persimmons across the Bay Area. We've combined crisp shinko pear, which has a dark, rich, butterscotch quality, with bright buddha's hand citrus--known for its lemon blossom-like flavor--to create a highly concentrated seasonal cheong that delivers warming winter notes in every spoonful.

Ingredients: K&J Orchards shinko pear, Benzier farm buddha's hand citrus Marshall’s wildflower honey, organic cane sugar


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